Business Administration

Duration 4 years
Starting Date Sep
Tuition Fee / Year ¥20,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

Cultivation Objective:
This major aims to cultivate international business management talents with an international perspective, an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial awareness, and have knowledge of business management related theories and skills, and a keen sense of market and business model changes. Students will become high-quality applied talents who can engage in management works related to capturing business opportunities, leading and facilitating teamwork, leading companies to start businesses and performing multiple functions.

Cultivation Characteristics:

This major meets the development requirements of the modern service industry, and aims at cultivating application-oriented talents that are urgently needed in industrial and commercial enterprises. This major combines business management theory with the practice of modern service enterprises, and focuses on cultivating students' professional practice skills in opportunity identification, team management, resource integration, and application.

Cultivation Requirements
Graduates of this major should acquire the following qualities, knowledge and abilities:

1. They understand the importance of professional ethics and ethical behavior in management. They have good political qualities, moral cultivation, good morals, physical and mental health, and a spirit of initiative. They have comprehensive social and human knowledge, good professional ethics, and have a certain teamwork and leadership ability.

2. They have strong communication skills, and are proficient in using various communication methods and communication tools in business management work to build an enterprise support network, pool core resources, and improve the effectiveness of management work through effective communication.

3. They systematically master the theories and methods of entrepreneurial management such as business opportunity identification and capture, employee motivation and team building, business model building, etc., and have strong innovative ability.

4. They have a high level of English learning and use, better listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and have a certain Chinese ability. In addition to systematically mastering the basic professional knowledge of this discipline, they have a broad international perspective and can track the frontiers of professional development in business management and understand certain interdisciplinary and professional related knowledge.

Credit system:

Four years of college study

Classroom teaching

126 credits

Practice teaching

24 credits


150 credits

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