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Expense in LIXIN

学费 Tuition

汉语授课 Taught in Chinese:
20,000 yuan per academic year (10,000 yuan per academic term)

英文授课 Taught in English:
26,000 yuan per academic year (13,000 yuan per academic term)

住宿费 Accommodation fees

Introduction: SLU offers two room types for international students: Double room and Four-bed room.

1. 提供空调、床铺、书桌和衣柜等室内设施。
Provide indoor facilities such as air conditioning, beds, desks and wardrobes.

2. 提供浴室、卫生间和洗衣房等公共设施。
Provide public facilities such as bathhouses, toilets and laundry rooms.

四人间 Four-bed room: 4000RMB/6 months

双人间 Double room: 8000RMB/6 months

备注 Notes

1. 宿舍空调需要额外缴纳使用租赁费。

Additional rental fee for dormitory air conditioning is required.

2. 宿舍水电费需要额外支付。

Water and electricity charges are extra.

3. 床单、床垫需要自行购买。学校店铺有售。

Bed sheet and mattress need to be purchased by yourself.Available at the school store.

*Please indicate your name or passport number in your bank transfer!

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